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Holy Week and Pascha in Pictures

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Share your Holy Week and Pascha photos with us

Every year we receive beautiful photos and video from the Holy Week services. Please, continue to send us those photos! This year we would also like to challenge you to capture any or all of the following:

  • The reactions of a person or a group of people as they chant "Christ is Risen” for the first time during the Anastasis Service
  • What your church looks like before and after services on: Palm Sunday evening, Holy Thursday evening, Holy Friday afternoon/evening, Holy Saturday morning, and Holy Pascha morning
  • A prayerful moment
  • Service and outreach efforts, such as a midnight food run or a lenten clothing drive
  • How your parish family spends time together during Holy Week. Here are a few examples:
    • Is there a youth/family retreat?
    • A vigil at the foot of the Cross on Holy Thursday evening?
    • Does a group of people get together to dye eggs or bake breads?
    • Are there people who come together to decorate and clean the church?
    • Does the community come together to fold Palm Crosses?
    • Does your parish host a Paschal meal for the community?
  • A Holy Week or Pascha tradition that is unique to your parish

Here's how you can share with us!

Email us your photos

Send us your photos and from Thomas Sunday through Pentecost, we will feature a new parish each day on and on the Archdiocesan Facebook page.

  • TAKE photos or videos during the Holy Week services.
  • CHOOSE no more than 10 of your best photos.
  • WRITE a short, one-paragraph story to accompany the photos. We all celebrate the same services, so share with us a unique story about celebrating Holy Week and Pascha in your parish.
  • DOWNLOAD, review, and complete the photograph permission and release form.
  • EMAIL the photos, your story, and a scanned copy of the photograph permission and release form to [email protected]

A Friendly Reminder to ALL Church Photographers

  • Seek out the permission of the Parish Priest before taking pictures during Church services
  • Know the appropriate time to use a flash
  • Do not disrupt the prayer life of the clergy or your fellow parishioners in order to get a good shot
  • If you plan on sharing your photos via social media, please remember to Pray First and Share Later. There's always time for sharing and commenting after Church is done.
Great Lent, Holy Week, & Pascha