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Archdiocese Logo Kit for Parishes

Every parish of the Archdiocese should have an official Logo Kit which contains:

  1. A detailed Graphics Standards Manual (GSM) outlining the proper usage and implementation of the Archdiocesan seal. There will be a separate GSM produced for parishes, institutions, and organizations that will be tailored to the unique needs of each.
  2. A CD-ROM containing camera-ready copies of the Archdiocesan seal and the approved versions of the Archdiocesan seal, including black and white, 2-color, 4-color, etc.
  3. Licensed Macintosh and Windows fonts to compliment letterhead and other materials bearing the new logo
  4. Templates of parish letterhead
  5. Templates of parish business cards
  6. A new Archdiocesan flag with the new logo of the Archdiocese.

For the convenience of parishes and their staff, we have made digital versions of the GSM available on-line.

If you prefer to receive a replacement CD containing the full complement of graphic images of the Archdiocese, please contact the Department of Communications at (212) 774-0244.