• Meet OCMC Missionaries Preparing for Deployment Overseas

    The energy and commitment of these individuals tells us of their love and response to God’s calling. As each of us hears of the needs around the world and the great need to share His message of love and salvation, these words from Elaine give us great hope: “A sign outside a church says, ‘Finding yourself is actually returning to yourself.’ Read More

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    The Children's Word with Pres. Alexandra Houck

    We can wander off. We can get lost, and we can know that scary feeling of being away from God. God always wants to find us. He wants us to come back home to Him. Find weekly printable Children’s Word with a lesson, coloring, & activities. Read More

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    Finding Resilience in Times of Crisis

    Featuring modules on self-care, grieving with hope, family dynamics, and building resilient communities, Care Compass offers downloadable resources, including short videos by IOCC Frontliners. Frontliners—a group of disaster counselors, clergy, and other trained professionals—share their hard-won experience to help communities recover spiritually as well as physically. Read More

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    OCMC 2020 Trek4Missions a Great Success

    Thirty-three teams, consisting of 226 participants, pedaled, walked, ran, and swam a total of 20,114 miles to support OCMC’s efforts to bring the Good News of Christ’s Gospel to the ends of the earth! Their collective efforts raised over $146,000 for missions in just five weeks from August 9 – September 14, far surpassing our original goal of $100,000. Read More

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    Leadership 100 Approves $6.2 Million in New Grants and Prior Year Commitments

    The Leadership 100 Executive Committee, meeting virtually on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, approved $6,182,500 in new grants and prior year commitments. New grants approved totaled $1,887,100 and prior year grant commitments totaled $4,295,400. In addition, the Executive Committee unanimously approved a grant of $100,000 to initiate the celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution. This brings the total of grants distributed since the inception of Leadership 100 to more than $65 million, according to Argyris Vassiliou, Chairman. Read More

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    OCF February 2021 Highlights

    Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), the official collegiate campus ministry program under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America offers its February 2021 Highlights. Read More

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    The 2nd Digital Fellowship with Elder Ephraim

    Together Pemptousia and OCN bring you the 2nd Digital Fellowship with Elder Ephraim and the myOCN Community. Thursday March 4th, 2021 at 12:30 PM EST/ 07:30 PM Athens time. Families Welcomed. Register to receive login and watch the recorded programing. Read More

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    OCMC: Mission Sunday, March 14

    By praying for OCMC, financially supporting its ministries, serving as a missionary, or volunteering for a short-term mission team, you are helping reach the more than one billion people worldwide who have never heard the Gospel and hunger and thirst for salvation in Jesus Christ. Read More

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    February 7 – Boy Scout Sunday | March 7 – Girl Scout Sunday

    This year the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, in tandem with American Scouting organizations, celebrates February 7th and March 7th, 2021 as Scouting Sundays. Read More

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    National Youth Lenten Retreat

    Join Orthodox youth from across the country for a Lenten Retreat March 13, 2021, hosted by Hellenic College Holy Cross. Read More

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