Putting the "Giving" Back in "Thanksgiving"

As it does every year, Thanksgiving comes and goes quickly. We spend a few hours trying to feel grateful, but then start looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so we can buy more stuff. If gratitude is nothing but a feeling that lasts a few hours, are we doing something wrong? Maybe we're approaching thanksgiving the wrong way. Maybe we spend too much time focused on the “thanks,” and not enough on the “giving.” Read More

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What is Love?

“I love your new SUV!” “I love this restaurant!” “I love that movie’s soundtrack.” Countless times, I have expressed these types of sentiments. Perhaps in my eagerness to describe a sincere appreciation for things, I casually say I love them. As innocent as this may appear, I begin to suspect that the careless and repeated misapplication of a word tends to dull its rich meaning. More »

Why Those Who Mourn Are Blessed

This beatitude always perplexed me. If you’re sad about something you would expect to be comforted but why are those who mourn blessed? More »

The Twelve Great Feasts, Vol. I: Traveling on the Ark of Salvation: Feasts of the Theotokos

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Religious Ed at Home: Summer Edition

The Department of Religious Education has compiled resources, guides and tips to continue learning about the Faith throughout the Summer More »

Religious Ed at Home - Week 8

Sunday of the Blind Man - Weekly resources, activities, lessons, and crafts for Religious Education at home. More »