Although this parish VCS program was intended to be done in person, we have pared it down and pulled out pieces that can be taught virtually. We recommend Zoom as the video platform to use, but you can use whichever video platform your parish is comfortable with.

With this program, we suggest having a director lead the program along with the parish priest, a puppeteer, classroom teachers, and a music teacher, just as you would have in person. Click on the links below to download individual pieces to the program. We have also included suggestions with each link on how to adapt for virtual use. Happy Camping!

  • VCS Schedule (PDF)

    • 4-day schedule for the week
  • Puppet Show (PDF)

    • Have a volunteer be the puppeteer for the week and start off each day of VCS with a quick “Zoom Puppet Show” for the whole group.
  • Lesson Plans (PDF)

    • These lessons can be taught to different classes using Zoom "breakout rooms" with one teacher per class/group. Read each lesson carefully and see which parts of the lesson can be taught on Zoom. Some lessons require activities that the teacher will need to prepare ahead of time so that they can show it over Zoom. (Follow this link for a Zoom breakout room tutorial:
  • Worship Lessons (PDF)

    • These lessons can be taught by the parish priest over Zoom for the entire group.
  • Music (PDF)

    • The music can be taught in a big group or in smaller breakout rooms over Zoom. Be mindful that with Zoom, there is a sound delay, so you may want to have the students mute their microphone while they sing along with the teacher.
  • Craft (PDF)

    • The crafts can be done off-screen at home with the parents. Be sure to send materials to each student or let the parents know which materials they will need to gather ahead of time.
    • A great way to display students' crafts is to have students send in pictures of their crafts to the director every day so that the director can show a slideshow or collage of everyone's work over Zoom on the last day.
    • Craft item to purchase for this volume