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Latest Video from the Department Latest Video from the Department

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    2020 Stewardship Outreach and Evangelism Ministry Report

    The Department of Stewardship Outreach and Evangelism 2 1/2 minute video report to the Archdiocesan Council of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in June 2020. Read More

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    National Missions & Evangelism Conference 2020

    The following videos were recorded at the National Missions & Evangelism Conference Feb. 3-5, 2020 in Columbus, OH at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Presenters offered spoke under the guiding theme of 'Leading Change Toward A Healthier Parish.' What is a healthy parish? How do we evaluate where our parish is today? What changes do we make? What type of leadership is necessary to enact change? These questions are explored and answered by a group of distinguished presenters. Read More

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    Webinar: Keep the Summer Connection Active!

    A Webinar from May 20, 2020 covering Tips & Strategies for honoring graduates and holding virtual summer faith-building programs, presented by Angeliki Constantine, Educational Ministry Specialist, Dept. of Religious Education; and Natalia Tzobanaki and Despina Lachanaris, Creators of Read More

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    How the Department of Outreach and Evangelism is Working for You

    Fr. Jim Kordaris reports to Leadership 100 in February 2020 on Outreach & Evangelism ministries made possible by their support. Read More

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    Stewardship, Outreach and Evangelism Instructional Videos

    In an effort to share best practices from parishes across the Archdiocese, the department offers instructional video conferences on stewardship, outreach, and evangelism. Read More

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    Bringing Orthodoxy to America Panel Discussion

    Panel Discussion including His Grace Bishop Athanasius (Akunda), Father Evan Armatas, Father Theodore Dorrance, Father Barnabas Powell, and Father Luke Veronis. Bringing Orthodoxy to America: A National Missions and Evangelism Conference was held from October 3-5, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. Read More

National Missions & Evangelism Conference - February 3-5, 2020

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Stewardship, Outreach, and Evangelism

Fr. James Kordaris talks about the great products and services of the Department of Stewardship, Outreach, & Evangelism of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The Ministry Updates series of videos highlights the work of the Metropolises and the Archdiocesan Ministries.
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The Mission of Outreach & Evangelism Ministries is to renew and share the Orthodox Christian Faith in America by nurturing a deeper commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ within His Church, by reaching out to inactive Orthodox Christians and to the unchurched, by meeting the needs of those inquiring about the Orthodox faith, and offering each community the tools for parish renewal and for the establishment of new parishes. As Archbishop Demetrios has said, "It is the Parish, it is the local community which has been, is, and will forever be the central, indispensable agent for offering our Orthodox faith to contemporary America."


As the presence of the Universal Church, the parish is called to witness to those within and those outside the community of believers. If we believe that in Orthodoxy we have the fullness of the Truth, then we have the great responsibility - the Great Commission - to share it with all people. All aspects of the parish may be seen as apostolic, and the Orthodox faithful are called to incorporate Christian mission in all aspects of life. When Christ said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." he commissioned us to transform the parish into an agency of Christian outreach.

The American culture offers us great opportunities to conduct successful parish renewal, outreach and evangelism. It is time for a new beginning and a renewed effort to inspire creativity and revival in Orthodox Christianity in the United States. It is our duty and obligation not to hide our light under the bushel, but to let it shine before all people - to regain the missionary model that established the early Church. We must let our light so shine - because unless people see in us the light and the love of Christ, they will not believe.

Parish Outreach Coordinators

The role of the Parish Outreach & Evangelism Coordinator is to promote and facilitate programs, projects and initiatives in the local parish and community in keeping with the mission of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Outreach & Evangelism under the guidance of the presiding priest of the parish.