The Department of Outreach and Evangelism is pleased to share with parish clergy the Teaching Liturgy, with text provided by Father Luke Veronis. Many of our priests are already offering a Teaching Liturgy on a regular basis. Others have expressed an interest, but are not sure how it is done. Available in both ready-to-print PDF format and as an editable Microsoft Word document, this resource is meant to provide a place to start and encourage our parish priests to adapt this resource as needed for their ministry.

As with the Worshiper’s Guide to the Divine Liturgy produced in 2017, the idea for producing this resource came from a number of quotes found in Reaching the Distantly Connected by Fr. Charles Joanides produced by this department in 2016. In that booklet, Fr. Charles quoted various individuals that were no longer active in the Greek Orthodox Church and the common thread among them was a lack of knowledge & understanding of the Divine Liturgy. 

With the blessing and permission of your hierarch, we encourage parish priests to utilize this resource as a way to educate and engage our people in the liturgical life of the Church.


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