Fr Evan Armatas serves the parish of Saint Spyridon in Loveland, Colorado and is the President of the Denver Metropolis Clergy Association. He is the host of the weekly call-in show “Orthodoxy Live” on Ancient Faith Radio and also works with parishes to evaluate and remove obstacles to growth and to implement planning procedures, providing parishes with a clear mission and vision. Father Evan speaks on the importance of removing barriers/obstacles to growth and offers a number of planning and evaluation tools for parish leadership and ministry.

Bringing Orthodoxy to America: A National Missions and Evangelism Conference was held from October 3-5, 2016 in Portland, Oregon.

Presented By the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Stewardship, Outreach & Evangelism and the Metropolis of San Francisco Commission for Orthodox Missions & Evangelism (C.O.M.E.)

This Conference and these videos have been made possible through a generous grant from Leadership 100. Thank you to Ancient Faith Ministries for producing these videos.