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Departments and Ministries

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List and links to the various departments in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Scroll down for details about each department. Use the list here for quick links to each department site.

Advisory Committee on Science & Technology

To address several needs among both clergy and laity, the Archdiocesan Advisory Committee on Science and Technology (AACST) was formed in 2001 by a group of scientists, engineers, medical and legal professionals, as well as theologians under the guidance of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, and with the approval of the Holy Eparchial Synod and the Archdiocesan Council


Since the establishment of the first Greek Orthodox Church in 1864, the evolution of the Greek-American community has been a primary concern of the leadership of the Church. To meet this concern this department works to maintain the historical documents of the Greek Orthodox Church and of Hellenism in the Americas.

Benefits Committee

The Archdiocese Benefits Committee is the legal body of the Church in America to address the temporal needs of our clergy and lay employees of the Archdiocese.

Center for Family Care

This department has been established to deal with marriage and family—fundamental institutions of vital importance for the Church and Society. A significant part of the work of the department is the issue of inter-Christian marriages.


The primary work and ministry of the Department of Communications is to facilitate proper and coordinated communication throughout the Church in America and to communicate the scope of the ministry and activity of Archdiocese in the larger contexts of America and the world. The Department has the task of assisting the Hierarchs, Clergy, Parishes, Departments, Organizations, Institutions, and Programs in receiving and communicating information in timely and effective ways, as this is critical both to the growth and support of every area of the life of the Church.

Education Office / Direct Archdiocesan District

The Direct Archdiocesan District Office of Education serves the District's parochial day schools and the afternoon Greek language schools by providing professional training for all teachers (Greek and English curricula); appropriate materials for teaching Greek as a second language; and The Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek for the evaluation of student learning.


The Department of Finance is charged with maintaining the material well-being of the Archdiocese of America that it may flourish as an icon of God’s plenty and mercy. It is responsible for the oversight of all financial matters of the Archdiocese.


The mission of GOTelecom is to serve the needs of the Church by producing and disseminating religious, cultural and educational mass media materials pertaining to Orthodox Christianity and Hellenic Culture. A wide assortment of GOTelecom videos is available for viewing and purchasing online within this section.

Greek Education

The purpose of the Greek Education and Culture program of the Archdiocese is to instill in our youth the spiritual, moral and cultural values of our Greek Orthodox heritage so that they may be exemplary American citizens and faithful members of our Holy Orthodox Church.

Information Technologies

The IT Department is responsible for all computer operations and systems at the Archdiocese. Coordinating technology efforts in the various Archdiocesan departments, organizations, and institutions is also a focal point for the IT Department in order to improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of information shared and disseminated.

Inter-Orthodox Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

The Ecumenical Office has as its main function the task of providing information, stimulating interest and coordinating ecumenical activities on the archdiocesan, metropolitan and parish levels. It adheres to the principle that Orthodoxy and Orthodox ecumenism must always speak the truth, never compromising the integrity and purity of Orthodox teachings, but always respecting the sincerity of the religious convictions and spiritual sensitivities of others.

Internet Ministries

The IM Department manages and facilitates internet development for all Archdiocesan departments, institutions, and organizations. The department also coordinates computer-based multimedia development for the Archdiocese. The mission of Internet Ministries is to follow the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ who said: "Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation." (Mark 16:15)

Orthodox Observer

The Orthodox Observer is a monthly publication of the Archdiocese for the purpose of serving as a direct link between the leadership of the Church and each individual reader. It communicates the message of the Gospel and provides news of local, national and international interest about the Church.

Outreach and Evangelism

The Department of Outreach & Evangelism has been established to renew and share the Orthodox Christian Faith in America by nurturing a deeper commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ within His Church, by reaching out to inactive Orthodox Christians and to the unchurched, by meeting the needs of those inquiring about the Orthodox faith, and offering each community the tools for parish renewal and for the establishment of new parishes.

Parish Development

At any point in time, many parishes throughout the Archdiocese are in need of fundraising assistance from an outside, objective, and experienced source, but with the special needs of Greek Orthodox parishes in mind. In 2004, the Archdiocese created the Office of Parish Development as a resource for various aspects of parish development, including raising funds for expansion projects and renovations, stewardship, grant opportunities, endowments, and more. The Office of Parish Development aims to assist parishes to work according to an effective strategy that is rooted in sound fundraising principles. Even more importantly, the office works to ensure that funds are raised in such a way as to glorify God and to enhance the spiritual life of all involved.

As of 2006, the annual Stewardship Program materials of the Archdiocese are created and distributed through the Office of Parish Development.


The task of this newly instituted department is to develop further and to coordinate the philanthropic work of the Archdiocese. Working closely with various community organizations, most especially the Ladies Philoptochos Society, this Department will coordinate on a national level the philanthropic work of the Church wherever the need may arise.

Press Office, News and Media Relations

This office is responsible for the coordination of the English and Greek Press Offices, Radio and Television Office (GOTelecom) and Archdiocese involvement in matters of public and political affairs in the United States and relations with the White House, Congress, academic leaders, local and state officials. Further the department is responsible for the implementation of programming for public events involving the Archdiocese, and the Clergy-Laity Congresses.

Public Affairs

The Department of Public Affairs assists the Office of the Archbishop in coordinating the Archdiocese involvement in matters of public and political affairs in the United States, the White House, Congress, academic leaders and local and state officials. This office also implements programming for public events related to public affairs.


This department keeps the vital records of the Greek Orthodox Faithful, including marriages, divorces, baptisms, and funerals. It compiles annual vital statistics in cooperation with diocesan registrars, and maintains the canonical files.

Religious Education

The purpose of this department is to serve the parishes and metropolises by providing materials and services that will advance their programs of religious education. The department also serves individuals, organizations, military bases, ecumenical groups, and overseas parishes with catechetical resources that advance the spiritual admonition to "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18)

Stewardship Program

The Stewardship Program is a ministry resource to help guide parish stewardship campaigns. Materials are created around a central theme, which changes annually, and include posters, brochures, sample communication documents, month to month operation guidelines, and other resources for priests and lay leadership. The stewardship materials are mailed to all parishes in the fall of each year and are also available online at The Office of Parish Development, which oversees the Stewardship Program, is also available to provide additional assistance to parishes regarding their individual stewardship programs.

Youth and Young Adult Ministries

The mission of the department is to minister to youth workers, young people and their families, enabling them to fully experience the Orthodox Faith; to assist the local parish and metropolis in creating and sustaining youth and young adult ministries; and to create resources, which are disseminated throughout our Archdiocese.