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Ionian Village is the summer camping ministry of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Each year, Orthodox Christian teenagers and young adults come together under the programs of Ionian Village to embark on spiritual and cultural journeys. The "Ionian Village Experience" provides campers and staff with the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the saints, travel throughout Greece, and build their relationship with Christ all while having the best summer of their life!

Ionian Village Programs

Summer Camp (2 Sessions)

Through a one-of-a-kind camping program, campers get an up close and personal experience of their Orthodox faith and Hellenic heritage, all based from the beautiful and peaceful Ionian Village campgrounds in Peloponnesos, Greece. Our experienced and dedicated staff comes from all over to facilitate one of the best programs available. The constantly changing, innovative program is reviewed and adapted each year in an ongoing effort to remain relevant and to address the ever evolving needs of our campers. We disconnect at camp technologically, further encouraging our campers to fully engage in the once-in-a-lifetime experience that includes unique at-camp sessions during the day, a never-ending series of exhilarating and energetic evening activities, and, of course, the awe-inspiring trips that are the cornerstone of Ionian Village.

IV Next

Dozens of colleges and universities offer study abroad programs in Greece, and many programs of our own diaspora offer similar opportunities for young adults to travel to Greece and see the sights. However, IV Next is the only travel based program for young adults that has our Greek Orthodox faith as a core tenet of the program. Only IV Next combines professional development, international travel, and the Orthodox Faith into one all-inclusive program. IV Next is for participants aged 19-24.

Ionian Village On-The-Go

Introduced in the Fall of 2013, IV On-the-Go is a new ministry that allows communities to bring a taste of Ionian Village to their parishes. With flexibility in mind, IV On-the-Go visits communities across the country to host exciting youth events and retreats focused around the Ionian Village mission to bring our young people into closer contact with our faith and heritage. Completely sponsored by the Office of Ionian Village, IV On-the-Go provides everything from seasoned staff, a custom-built program, and supplies to each participating parish, along with the promise of an unforgettable Youth Ministry experience.

Ionian Village Alumni Project

With over 17,500 people as part of our Alumni Network, word is out about Ionian Village. The goal of the Alumni Project is to re-connect with as many of our past participants as possible. Help us reach out to other alumni this year by attending (or hosting!) an alumni event, reading The Golden Bridge Newsletter, or encouraging friends and family who have been a part of this ministry to register with the Alumni Project online.