The Invitation

Welcome to another season of Soak Up the Sun! Now that the weather has warmed and school is out, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor family fun. In this season of Soak Up the Son we are inviting families to get together and “Walk with God!” As we take outdoor walks with our families this summer, we will learn more about how God walked with His people and they with Him in the Old Testament.

It’s up to your family to decide where you will take your weekly walk, whether it’s your neighborhood, a local park, the beach, or the woods. No matter where you live, how busy your schedule, or even how you are abled, taking walks together is a life-giving activity all can enjoy.

A downloadable “Walking with God” journal guide will be included with each episode of our video series to help you reflect on God’s walks with biblical figures, and how He is present on your family walks. Journals will also provide related activity suggestions and conversation prompts to reinforce each week’s chosen scripture passage. We hope you enjoy the adventure of walking together, as you “Walk with God.”

What Is Soak Up the Son?

Soak Up the Son is a summer program designed for individuals, couples, and families alike. This 6 week seasonal series is offered as a reminder “to commit ourselves and one another and our whole lives to Christ our God.”

As you use and enjoy the activities offered in the Soak Up the Son program, we encourage you to share your experiences—with your family at home, your church family, and your friends. Share them with us also at the Center for Family Care by using the hashtag #soakuptheSON. We look forward to connecting with you and learning about your “Son-filled” adventures!

This summer take time to relax and have fun...but most importantly Soak Up the Son!

Soak Up the Son Journal Guides

SUTS Walking with God: Week Six

In our last Soak Up the Son for this summer, we learn about the Prophet Habakkuk and how we can find sure-footedness (like deer) in tough times through our trust in God! We had so much fun "Soaking up the Son" and "Walking with God through the Old Testament" this year. Next summer we will walk with God again through the New Testament!

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