The Invitation

IT’S SUMMER! This time of year most of us enjoy more outdoor fun with family and friends, while vacations from work and school lend to periods of relaxation. This year as social distancing measures may hinder the normal flurry of recreational activity, we still have ample opportunity to celebrate the season. God’s creation is teeming with life at every turn, and one only needs to step outside to enjoy the lessons that nature reveals! With this is mind the Center for Family Care has chosen the theme “The Wonder of God's Creation”. We will examine the creation narratives in the book of Genesis and offer families fun, interactive ways to engage in the truths of our Faith, along with ideas to help foster good stewardship of the environment in every household. As you bask in the rays of the created sun, we invite you to also join us as we explore God’s handiwork and Soak Up the Son together.

What Is Soak Up the Son?

Soak Up the Son is a summer program designed for individuals, couples, and families alike. This 8 week seasonal series is offered as a reminder “to commit ourselves and one another and our whole lives to Christ our God.” New themes will be shared every week on the GOA Center for Family Care website and Facebook page. From there, the program can be modified to your liking, and according to your family dynamics.

As you use and enjoy the activities offered in the Soak Up the Son program, we encourage you to share your experiences—with your family at home, your church family, and your friends. Share them with us also at the Center for Family Care by using the hashtag #soakuptheSON. We look forward to connecting with you and learning about your “Son-filled” adventures!

This summer take time to relax and have fun...but most importantly Soak Up the Son!


Soak Up the Son Activity Guides

Soak Up the Son - Week 8: God Rested

It's time to Soak up the Son for the last time this summer! Our last week will focus on what God did when He rested after the seven days of creation.
We loved Soaking Up the Son with you this summer! See you next year!

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