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As Orthodox Christians we are called to trust in the Lord for all our needs both human and spiritual. We know, however, that we must do our share. For the spiritual “security” of our souls we must pray, fast, confess and live a Christ-like life. For the physical “security” of our lives we must institute a pension, life insurance, medical and disability program.

To address the temporal needs of our clergy the Archdiocese Benefits Committee was established to direct and manage the Archdiocesan Benefits Program for clergy and lay employees.

The Archdiocese Benefits Committee meets twice a year, each Spring and Fall, to receive and act on reports from its standing committees. Each standing committee consists of clergy and lay-persons with particular interest and professional expertise in the areas the committee oversees.

The Administration Committee meets at least four times a year. It is responsible for the operation of the Pension Plan. It establishes rules for its administration and acts on applications for pension benefits and related issues.

The Benevolence Committee considers and acts on requests for financial assistance for clergy and their families.

The Investment Committee meets regularly to review the investment performance of the Pension Fund against established objectives and strategies. It establishes the investment guidelines and has the power to appoint and dismiss the funding agent(s).

The Insurance Plans Committee meets as needed to consider issues related to the Archdiocese-sponsored insurance plans. It selects the insurance carrier, appoints the broker-administrator and negotiates benefits and rates. 

Archdiocese Benefits Committee

Rev. Fr. J. Paris, Chairman
Rev. Fr. J. Greanias, Vice Chairman
Rev. Fr. S. Baroody
Rev. Fr. A. Goussetis
Rev. Fr. N. Karloutsos
Rev. Fr. J. Katinas
Rev. Fr. J. Moulketis 
Rev. Fr. M. Pakes
Rev. Fr. C. Pappademos
Rev. Fr. C. Pavlakos
Rev. Fr. S. Thomas
Mrs. M. Costidis

Administration Committee

Rev. Fr. J. Greanias, Chairman
Rev. Fr. S. Baroody
Rev. Fr. J. Moulketis
Rev. Fr. C. Pappademos
Rev. Fr. C. Pavlakos
Mrs. M. Costidis (non-voting)

Investment Committee

Rev. Fr. A. Goussetis, Chairman
Rev. Fr. S. Baroody
Rev. Fr. J. Katinas
Rev. Fr. J. Moulketis 
Rev. Fr. M. Pakes

Insurance Plans Committee

Rev. Fr. S. Thomas, Chairman
Rev. Fr. S. Baroody
Rev. Fr. N. Karloutsos
Rev. Fr. M. Pakes 
Rev. Fr. C. Sitaras

Benevolence Committee

Rev. Fr. N. Karloutsos, Chairman
Rev. Fr. J. Greanias
Rev. Fr. C. Pavlakos
Rev. Fr. C. Sitaras


Additional Resources Additional Resources

Orthodox HealthPlan

The Orthodox HealthPlan is a group policy that provides benefits for the clergy and lay employees of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and other Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States of America.

Confidential Assistance Program (CAP)

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is pleased to offer you access to the Confidential Assistance Program (CAP), which is a no-cost service available to help you with the issues that you or your family may face at different times in your life. It's your source for support, resources and information. CAP also can offer personalized, relevant information based on your needs.

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Pension Plan Financial Statements and Reports

Downloadble PDFs of the Financial Statements and Reports of Independent Certified Public Accountants for the Pension Plan for Clergymen and Lay Employees of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. More »