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The Ecumenical Office has as its main function the task of providing information, stimulating interest and coordinating ecumenical activities on the archdiocese, metropolis and parish levels. It adheres to the principle that Orthodoxy and Orthodox ecumenism must always speak the truth, never compromising the integrity and purity of Orthodox teachings, but always respecting the sincerity of the religious convictions and spiritual sensitivities of others.

Areas of Interest

A) The National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC)

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is represented by clergy and laity on several committees.

B) The World Council of Churches (WCC)

The Archdiocese is not a member, but participates in work of the WCC, through the membership of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

C) Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA)

Established in 1960, SCOBA brings together the canonical hierarchs of the Orthodox Jurisdictions in the Americas. The purpose of the Conference is to make the ties of unity among the canonical Orthodox Churches and their administrations stronger and more visible.

D) Bilateral Theological Dialogues of SCOBA

The following dialogues are coordinated by this office:

Joint Commission of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches
North American Orthodox/Roman Catholic Theological Consultation
Joint Committee of Orthodox/Roman Catholic Bishops
North American Orthodox/Lutheran Dialogue

E) Inter-Religious Agencies

Ongoing relations take place with other groups involved in ecumenical work, such as the American Jewish Committee, the World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP), Appeal of Conscience Foundation, and the Commission of Religious Leaders of NYC.

F) United Nations

The Archdiocesan Council has NGO status at the UN. This office oversees the work of our representatives.

G) Christian Churches Together (CCT)

The Archdiocese is a founding member of this new broad ecumenical agency which is comprised of five families of churches: Orthodox, Catholic, Mainline Protestant, Historic Black and Evangelical. It was officially launched in 2006.

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