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    Praxis 2017 Volume 16 Issue 3

    The theme of this issue of PRAXIS is a timely focus on “Sacred Childhood” following the designation of 2017 as the Year of Protection of the Sacredness of Childhood by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. In his proclamation on the feast of the Nativity of Christ, he affirms the need for this emphasis and our calling to “respect the identity and sacredness of childhood” Read More

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    Praxis 2017 Volume 16 Issue 2

    Praxis Magazine for Winter 2017 discussing the upcoming Lenten season. Read More

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    Praxis 2016 Volume 16 Issue 1: Parish as Educator

    The theme of this issue of PRAXIS, “Parish as Educator,” directs our reflection and discussion to one of the essential roles of the parish and of religious educators in the life of the Church. Read More

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    Praxis 2016 Volume 15 Issue 3: Preparing for the Holy and Great Council

    This issue of PRAXIS is devoted to the Holy and Great Council, convened by the primates of the Orthodox Church from June 16–27, 2016, in Crete. Read More

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    Praxis 2016 Volume 15 Issue 1/2: Speaking to Secular America

    Following a very successful and timely conference at Hellenic College – Holy Cross School of Theology on the topic of “Speaking to Secular America,” this issue of PRAXIS is dedicated to offering the engaging presentations from this event. Sponsored by the Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity, the conference brought together clergy and lay leaders to address a very challenging and critical issue as we continue the work of ministry and sharing of the Gospel in the name of Christ. Read More

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    Praxis 2015 Volume 14 Issue 3: Spiritual Disciplines

    For Orthodox Christians the spiritual disciplines are essential to our relationship with God, our well-being, and our journey of faith throughout our lives. Prayer and worship, fasting, reading and studying the Holy Scriptures and the writings of the Fathers of the Church, and serving and giving to those in need are practices that help us connect with God. They are guides that nurture our souls in divine wisdom and truth. They renew our strength and fill us with power, assurance and hope. In our daily lives the spiritual disciplines connect us to our Creator, our Source of life, and our Redeemer. Read More

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    Praxis 2015 Volume 14 Issue 2: Iakovos and Selma

    This issue of PRAXIS is dedicated to the memory and blessed work of His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos, who led the Greek Orthodox Church in America from 1959 to 1996. It is difficult in one page to offer a fitting tribute to his lifetime of service to Christ and the Church. However, this issue provides a glimpse of his ministry and the impact of his leadership and vision on many communities, programs and institutions of our Holy Archdiocese. In relation to the focus of this publication and the ministry of religious education, His Eminence was a teacher who guided the faithful in many ways. Read More

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    Praxis 2014 Volume 14 Issue 1: Teaching Strategies

    The quality of religious education programs and teaching in the local parish is essential to our mission of nurturing the people of God in the Orthodox Christian Faith. Just as we strive to bring honor and glory to God through our worship, we should also labor to do so and fulfill our calling to the teaching ministry of the Church by evaluating and enhancing our teaching skills and methods. The focus of this issue of PRAXIS on "Teaching Strategies" assists with this by directing your attention to the importance of faith, effectiveness and quality in this sacred work. Read More

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    Praxis 2014 Volume 13 Issue 3: Bishops, Priests, and Deacons

    The role of our clergy in the ministry of religious education is essential. In addition to being called as preachers and pastors, our beloved priests and deacons are called to be teachers (Ephesians 4:11) in all that they do in their service to God and their ministry to His people. Our clergy are teachers in their sacred task of leading in worship. Through the ministry of sacrament and word in the divine services of the Church, they guide the faithful in relating the Holy Eucharist to their lives. Through the reading and exposition of the Holy Scriptures, truth is proclaimed and taught. Through prayers and sermons, our clergy connect faith and praxis. Read More

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    Praxis 2014 Volume 13 Issue 2: Ministry to the Elderly

    As the Body of Christ, we are called to offer ministry in so many significant ways. One of the most important callings we have is to care for the elderly. This was a priority of the early Church when, among other actions, the Apostles appointed deacons to care for widows (Acts 6:1–5). This ministry continued to be a focus of many communities of believers and of saints such as St. Basil, who organized hospices and resources for the care of the elderly. Down through the centuries, this service has continued through local parishes, in the organization of retirement and assisted living centers and a variety of special programs and activities that have offered the compassion and strength of Christ. Read More

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    Praxis 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1: Science and Religion

    This issue of PRAXIS offers the theme of “Science and Religion." This is a very timely topic in a day and age when we are continuously presented with new discoveries, technological advancements and the ongoing quest for scientific solutions to many contemporary challenges. Because these aspects of our modern world influence our lives in so many ways, we must be mindful of how we engage with science as Orthodox Christians and people of faith. We also must be mindful of the fact that frequently science is presented as hostile to faith, or even faith as hostile to science. Read More

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    Praxis 2013 Volume 12 Issue 3: Music in the Church

    Music is such a vital part of our worship and our witness because it combines revelation and inspiration with the beauty of human expression and ability. In our communion with God and our engagement with truth and meaning, music engages more of our physical and spiritual senses and helps us move beyond only words to a deeper expression and experience of the divine. Through the power of the Holy Sprit, our sacred music inspires and strengthens all of our being - soul, heart, mind and body - in the grace of God. Read More

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    Praxis 2013 Volume 12 Issue 2: Education as Outreach

    The theme of this issue of PRAXIS, “Education as Outreach,” is a well-timed emphasis following the theme of our Clergy–Laity Congress, “Chosen and appointed by God to go and bear fruit.” Over the past year we have given significant attention to our calling by God to offer our lives, resources and ministries so that great and abundant spiritual fruit will be produced in the lives of others. When we consider education to be outreach, we see a direct connection of our teaching ministry to bearing fruit. Religious education in our parishes is directly connected to outreach because the primary goal of our outreach is connecting people to Christ. Our outreach programs and our spiritual awareness of the needs of others help us to invite people into the community of faith. Read More

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    Praxis 2012 Volume 12 Issue 1 Theology Matters

    The theme of this issue of PRAXIS, "Theology Matters,” and the articles and reflections that follow emphasize a very essential aspect of our Orthodox faith, our mission as the Church of Christ, and our role as religious educators. First, theology matters to any person who has the calling of teaching our faith to our children, youth and adults. It is not possible to accomplish this task in the parish or nurture the spiritual lives of the faithful without a firm grounding in theology. In addition, this foundation for spiritual development necessitates both prayer and regular engagement with the Holy Scriptures and the wealth of theological resources we have as the Church. Read More

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    Praxis 2012 Volume 11 Issue 3: The Ministry of Education

    With its focus on the Ministry of Teaching, this issue of PRAXIS emphasizes a very vital mission of the Church, together with the foundations of our calling and service as religious educators. When we consider the purpose, manner and content of the ministry of teaching as presented in Holy Scripture, we see that the Church has been engaged from its very beginning in instructing people in the knowledge and understanding of God’s revelation through Christ, in the nature of the Christian life, and in the role and mission of the community of believers in the world. It is also evident from Scripture that this ministry of teaching follows the example of the Great Teacher, Jesus Christ. Read More

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