Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew declared 2020 as the “year of pastoral renewal and due concern for the youth." We have yearned to engage with our youth, as His All-Holiness encourages us, “with imagination and vision, with unshakable faith in the eternally flowing grace of God and confidence in the power of human freedom.” The COVID-19 pandemic has caused great harm and distress across the globe and interrupted every facet of our lives, especially educational pursuits. We await the time when we may re-engage with one another, but until then, we need to use our “imagination and vision” in new and maybe unheard of ways.

Note for subscribers: Due to cost-saving measures of the archdiocese during the pandemic, the DRE elected not to order a traditional print run of the issue but to make it available in digital format only at this time. In light of this, current paid subscriptions will be extended by one issue as a courtesy.

In This Issue


Letters from around the World
Zoe Tsikouris, Nikol Demiri, Aleksandros Beci, Pavlina Bathrellou, Christina Baek, Katerina Kalogerakis

Reimagining the Post-Pandemic Parish
V. Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame


Community Fellowship through a Parish Farmer's Market
Constance Zotis and Dena Galie

Many Homes, One Faith
Kyriaki Saridou-Los

Empowering Families against Bullying
Christy Tsilimigras Buck

Maternal Body: A Theology of Incarnation from the Christian East – Carrie Frederick Frost
Reviewed by Sarah Parro

Walking with Young People on Their Journey
V. Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

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