Through the articles and resources that follow, the focus of this issue of PRAXIS on “Listening to Suffering” is critical in our contemporary world in your role as leaders and educators in your parish. We are confronted daily with images of suffering. Due to the prevalence of news and information, our children and youth are aware of local, national and global issues that confront us with the plight and needs of many. The complexity of life and the resulting challenges of physical, emotional and spiritual suffering are all around us in our homes and communities.

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In This Issue


Mystery and Meaning in Unanswered Questions
Danielle Xanthos

Sheep Dogs: Ministering to the Addicted
Rev. Dn. Nikolas Delaveris

Anorexia and Its Silent Sufferers
Emmanuel Maginas

Parish Nursing: A Ministry of Presence
Sarah Parro

"The Least of These": IOCC's Work with Greek and Syrian Refugee Children in Greater Athens
International Orthodox Christian Charities


Scholarship and Faith, Grace and Wisdom: Reflections to Honor His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios

2017 National St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival

Top Speeches
Junior Division: Stephen Kaelin
Senior Division: Victoria Martine

Connecting Your Parish with Local Media
Marissa P. Costidis

Sharing in the Pain of Losing a Loved One
Rev. Fr. Costas Keares

Raising Kids Who Care
Tina Oshaana

Becoming a Healing Presence – Albert S. Rosi, PhD
Reviewed by Sarah Parro

From Listening to Action
Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame