Volume 17, Issue 3 (2018): Faith and Art

Because the church building and its use for worship, prayer, teaching and ministry is a place that connects us to God, to our highest calling in relationship with Him, our potential, our story and our future in the heavenly kingdom, it is a place that is offered to God. It is a place that is adorned with beauty as we worship and serve the traditions of our Orthodox Christian faith. This issue of PRAXIS on arts in the Church helps us consider elements of our worship and faith—iconography, unique architecture, chanting and singing, vibrant vestments, the smell of incense, the iconostasis—designed and crafted with skill and art for our worship. It also features interviews with Orthodox Christians working as artists in various fields: music, opera, theatre, writing, painting and illustration.

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In This Issue


Fabric is Heavy
Krista West
View online gallery for Fabric is Heavy

The Crafting of The Musical Ark
Nicholas Roumas

View online gallery for The Musical Ark

Liturgical Furniture for a Historical Cathedral
Andrew Gould
View online gallery for Liturgical Furniture for a Historical Cathedral

AGES Initiatives: Fr. Seraphim Dedes Serves Old Wine in Digital Wineskins
Richard Barrett

Glimpse of an Icon Painter's Journey
Aidan Hart
View online gallery for Glimpse of an Icon Painter's Journey

All to the Glory of God: Six artists talk about the intersection of their creative vocation and the Orthodox Faith
Interviews by Sarah Parro

Dr. Scott Cairns: Poet
Rev. Fr. Gregory Floor: Musician
Alexandra Loutsion: Opera Singer
Constantine Pappas: Singer/Actor
Kelsey Lawon: Illustrator
Peter Pappalas: Painter


The Vital Ministry of the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council
Rev. Fr. John Touloumes

Singing and Making Melody as a Family
Maria Diveris McMullen

Engaging with the Visual Life of the Church
Jocelyn Mathewes

Slow Pilgrim: The Collected Poems – Scott Cairns
Reviewed by Sarah Parro

When the Spirit Meets the Visible
Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

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