Women's History Month Highlight: Soula Podaras, Receptionist

March is International Women’s History Month, and it would only be proper to celebrate it by honoring the women of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. We want to showcase the wonderful women who work for our beloved Archdiocese and its Affiliated Institutions this March to celebrate their contributions and the talents they bring to our Church. This second week we present the resilient women of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

Soula Podaras

Position: Receptionist

Soula brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role within the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, having served diligently for numerous years. Her invaluable contributions make her an indispensable asset to the organization. Beyond her professional prowess, Soula's remarkable character and unwavering commitment to excellence truly set her apart, making her not only an asset but also a truly exceptional individual.

What is the role of faith in my life?

Faith has been an unwavering presence throughout my life's journey, serving as both a steadfast companion and an illuminating beacon. Its guiding influence has imbued my path with wisdom and grace, shaping my decisions and offering solace in times of challenge and triumph alike.

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