A Study Of Families In The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America

Family is the most important unit of our society. St John Chrysostom wrote, “The human family constitutes the primary and essential element of human society…peace in society will be a direct result of peace in the family.” But for many of us there is no peace from the stresses and demands of our modern life. We have often heard that our Church should be an important part of our family—our spiritual family. But how does this part of our family help us with our lives and the challenges we face? How do we live out our Orthodox Christian Faith daily?

The Orthodox Family in America at Home and in Church study is a first step toward a better understanding of how our Church ministers to the particular needs of families and how Orthodox families in America organize their everyday lives with regard to living their faith. In brief, this study gathered information from 646 parishioners surveyed who had children 18 and under living at home. On average, parishioners reported having about 2 children per household. 296 parishioners (45.8% of sample) have children ages 14–18 living with them at home. Parishioners from 100 different parishes throughout our Archdiocese participated. In addition, the priests from these parishes filled out a survey about their parish’s population and their family ministry resources and needs. The study examined the following:

  • Religious practices at church and home
  • Main stressors experienced
  • Availability of parish support
  • Interest in workshops and knowledge of current supports
  • Significant predictors of increased religious and spiritual practices at home and at church

View highlights of the results, here.

View the results in their entirety, here.

The following are the letters and surveys sent out for reference purposes: