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This article is from PRAXIS volume 16, issue 2: "Fasts and Feasts" (Winter 2017).


  • toast with nut butter and honey
  • banana or apple slices with nut butter
  • dried fruit and nuts
  • oatmeal with nuts, pinch of brown sugar and cinnamon, fruit of choice
  • coconut milk-based smoothie

Lunches and Dinners

  • avocado and tomato sandwich, alongside nuts and dark chocolate
  • taco salad with pinto beans, lettuce and vegetables of choice, topped with salsa and served with corn chips or a tortilla
  • fried rice with vegetables, summer rolls and cashews
  • lentil soup with a tomato and cucumber salad
  • coconut milk-based soup with vegetables and rice
  • olive tapenade sandwich with fruit and dark chocolate
  • hummus and bread with a side of carrots, bell pepper and nuts
  • maki roll with soybeans and a seaweed salad, served with tea
  • black bean soup with sweet potato and pineapple alongside
  • roasted beets, sweet potatoes and carrots with nuts and coconut milk-infused rice
  • vegetable soup with bread, nuts and dark chocolate
  • tempeh, rice (or other grain of choice) and vegetables
  • avocado with wasabi and soy sauce, served with rice (or other grain of choice)
Images: "Green Salad": peacefulwarior93 via Adobe Stock, Greens and Banana: FoodiesFeed
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