• SUTS Walking with God: Week Two


    May 13, 2023

    This week on Soak Up the Son we learn about how the Lord is our shepherd and the significance of the rod and staff! Join us as we walk with God!

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  • SUTS Walking with God: Week Three


    May 12, 2023

    What does a joyful shout sound like to you? Is it a whoop! or a yay! or a loud laugh? This week on Soak Up the Son we talk about Psalm 88 and how we are called to walk in the light of the Lord's face with joyful noise.

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  • Soak Up the Son - Go Forth: Week 2

    (2019 - ) Archbishop Elpidophoros

    May 9, 2023

    It's time to Soak Up the Son! This week we learn all about St. Macrina the Elder and her legacy of saints.

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  • Mothballs and Memories

    Center for Family Care

    January 9, 2023

    What does the phrase “eternal memory” mean really, for us mere mortals? This question begs at me much now that I am in my sixth decade of life and have witnessed so many lovely souls pass on to the next life. My sweet grandmother passed away on Theophany 5 years ago. She is in my thoughts at times, but I must admit not at all times - thus her memory is certainly not eternally in my small mind. There are moments when my heart throbs with ache for her embrace. There are also many moments when I mostly, admittedly, forget about her. Read More

  • SUTS Walking with God: Week Six

    Center for Family Care

    July 18, 2022

    In our last Soak Up the Son for this summer, we learn about the Prophet Habakkuk and how we can find sure-footedness (like deer) in tough times through our trust in God! Read More

  • SUTS Walking with God: Week Four


    May 16, 2022

    This week we learn about the Israelites and the Ten Commandments and how they trusted that God was guiding them to a better life after their exodus from Egypt even when it was inconvenient, they were tired, or it didn’t make sense to them at the time.

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  • SUTS Walking with God: Week Five


    May 12, 2022

    What happens when we disobey and know we have done something wrong? Join us this week as we learn what to do and what not to do after we make a mistake using Adam and Eve as an example!

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  • Fostering Independence in Families with Disabilities Webinar

    Center for Family Care

    July 6, 2021

    Panelists offer their personal and professional lessons learned in a discussion of what healthy independence looks like in families with disabilities. Read More

  • Go Forth


    June 14, 2021

    IT’S SUMMER! A wonderful time for family, friends, relaxing, and playing. A time for vacations—vacations from work and vacations from school. But there is one type of vacation we shouldn’t be taking this summer—and that is from Church. Church should be the center of our lives throughout the year and summer is no exception. Join us this summer as we #soakuptheSON.

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  • The Gift of Life

    Center for Family Care

    June 1, 2021

    The gift is Life – not merely abstract or even of visible cycles and experiences – but one born from the love of a Person, “He Who Is… Life.” (Exodus 3:14, John 14:1) The precious Gift is the Antidote to all of the tragedies and wounds of our fallen existence, and as He once offered Himself for the life of the world, so now and so always He continues to poor Himself out to all willing to receive Him. Life is Jesus Christ our Lord. And this Life is worth living. Read More

  • Soak Up the Son - Go Forth: Week 1


    May 10, 2021

    It's time once again to Soak Up the Son! Join us this summer as we focus on our calling to "Go Forth" as apostles in the world. This isn’t an invitation for a select few; we are all called to share the light of Christ and this summer we will explore how we can do that.

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  • Prune Your Soul

    Center for Family Care

    April 26, 2021

    I used to be fearful of pruning my rose bushes, wanting them to have full freedom to grow any which way they would. I didn’t want to be like a highly caffeinated hairdresser lopping off more than enough inches, leading to something that looked like a shearing rather than a trim. ‘Don’t be afraid to prune’ gardening experts say, “pruning leads to new growth and continued blooming.” (Marie Ianotti) Read More

  • Cultivating a Daily Prayer Life – A Live Interactive Webinar with Rev. Dr. Alexander Goussetis

    GOARCH Affiliates and Organizations

    March 29, 2021

    Join Rev. Dr. Alexander Goussetis on Thursday evening, April 1, at 7 PM ET to learn about the spiritual tools provided by the Orthodox Christian faith that will bring you meaningful opportunities to grow in Christ. Read More

  • Lenten Resources from Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

    GOARCH Affiliates and Organizations

    March 16, 2021

    Click Here to view a compilation of Lenten resources from Orthodox Christian Fellowship. We hope you’ll find something in this collection encouraging and helpful during this Great & Holy season of Lent. Read More

  • "For the Prayers of Parents Make Firm the Foundation of Households"

    Center for Family Care

    February 1, 2021

    Take a closer look into the text of the marriage service and how powerful the prayers of parents can truly be for children. Read More

  • Not Afraid To Talk About...Pornography

    Center for Family Care

    January 25, 2021

    The word pornography is scary. No, the word porn is dirty. Even in its shortened form, porn is just a word–a word that simply describes something that is demeaning, causes objectification, makes us feel funny, drives the largest slavery operation in the history of the world, and changes the ways we think and act. Porn, simply put, is poison. Read More

  • Theophany Reflections for the Special Needs Parent

    Center for Family Care

    January 6, 2021

    For much of my son’s nearly 16-year lifespan, I have begged for miracles. Many I have received, and countless have always been - though I took them for granted. His struggles often help me to see how miraculous the human body is and how amazing our God is Who created it. At times though, I long for him to know health and wholeness – to be free. Read More

  • Be the Bee #157 | 3 Reasons to Fast from Social Media

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    November 19, 2020

    Why do we fast from good things like tasty food? A the start of the Nativity Fast, we'll share three basic reasons why fasting helps transform our spiritual lives. But then we'll go a little deeper and explore why these same reasons suggest you should fast, not just from food, but from social media as well. Read More

  • Be the Bee #154 | Why People Stop Being Christians (and What We Can Do About It)

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    October 20, 2020

    Adults fear that young people will grow up and stop being Christians. But no one ever fears that a kid will stop rooting for their favorite sports team. Why? Read More

  • Be the Bee #152 | How Christians Can Save Politics

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    October 2, 2020

    Politics are toxic and the world seems full of darkness. Is our job, as Christians, to fight that darkness? We'll review the advice of two greats saints (St Isaac the Syrian and St Poprhyrios of Kavsokalyvia) to see how we can bring the Light of Christ into a world darkened by toxic politics. Read More

  • A Delightful Surprise Part II: Prayer in Family Life

    Center for Family Care

    September 28, 2020

    What can we learn about family prayer life from a monastery? Read More

  • St. Sophia's Holy Paradox: Loving God First is Loving Your Children More

    Center for Family Care

    September 16, 2020

    Saint Sophia’s witness has gifted loving mothers throughout the ages with a special Wisdom to emulate: loving Christ more than the temporary happiness of our own children is actually loving them more. Read More

  • Be the Bee #150 | Are You Struggling to Pray?

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    September 14, 2020

    Sticking to our daily prayer rule can be tough! But why? We'll explore the simple reason prayer can feel crammed into our day rather than a natural part of it. And we'll offer a simple way to help you transform wasted moments into opportunities for connection with God. Read More

  • Be the Bee #149 | Why We Judge Others (and How to Stop)

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    September 7, 2020

    It's easy to point our finger at someone else's mistakes, rather than focus on our own. Why? We'll explore the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant and the two big things that make it easy to judge others. Read More

  • Be the Bee #148 | Do We Act Like Christians?

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    September 3, 2020

    If your parish suddenly disappeared, would anyone notice? Are we living out the Gospel in our neighborhoods and communities? Because we believe the same things that the first Christians taught. But do we act like them? Read More

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