• Healthy Fasting: A Practice for All Ages

    Center for Family Care

    November 6, 2018

    This webinar connects the physical and spiritual elements of fasting for contemporary life by appealing to what the Church has always understood—our physical fast supports godly thoughts, words, and actions. Read More

  • Feast of the Twelve Apostles

    Feasts of the Church

    May 31, 2018

    A brief explanation of the Feast of the Twelve Apostles and the Apostles Fast. Read More

  • Mystery and Meaning in Unanswered Questions

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    January 18, 2018

    Recognition of suffering requires vulnerability, often accompanied by unanswerable questions. Anyone who has been present with a child in a time of loss has heard these difficult questions. As parents, grandparents, youth workers, teachers, clergy, aunts and uncles, etc., we need to invite these questions. Read More

  • Sacred Image, Sacred Marriage

    Center for Family Care

    November 13, 2017

    Does the Church hold up any paradigms for marriage to provide the framework for a Christ-centered marriage? Indeed it does. The Church offers three icons from which we can learn how to live the married life: Christ the Bridegroom, Sts. Joachim and Anna, and the Wedding at Cana. Read More

  • A Circuitous Journey to the Holy and Sacred Priesthood

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    November 6, 2017

    I am writing this short autobiography for the explicit purpose of inspiring prospective students to consider pursuing studies at Hellenic College – Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (HCHC), no matter what their age or circumstances. Read More

  • Brothers in Christ: A Hope for Vibrant Orthodox Christian Fraternity

    Center for Family Care

    October 27, 2017

    Men, being sons of God’s household as members of the Body of Christ, hold a capacity for tangible brotherhood as well, especially by forming and maintaining friendships within local communities. Identical sensibilities and perspectives aren’t essential for spiritual brothers to get along as friends. Read More

  • Educating the Orthodox Heart through Liturgy and Prayer

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    October 24, 2017

    Our liturgical life feeds our personal prayer life and vice versa, not only through our weekly participation in the Divine Liturgy but also within the rhythm of the Church year with its many fasts and feasts. Our Church calendar helps orient us toward God’s acts of salvation in our Faith’s history and in our own individual faith history. Read More

  • A New Year, a New Harvest: Renewal through Orthodox Christian Community

    Center for Family Care

    August 31, 2017

    It’s about that time…the time for New Year’s resolutions: new beginnings, new goals and new inspiration. I am not talking about watching the ball drop in Times Square or counting down to midnight with your friends and family. I am talking about the Ecclesiastical New Year we just celebrated on September 1. Read More

  • Not Afraid To Talk About...Poison

    Center for Family Care

    June 1, 2017

    The word pornography is scary. No, the word porn is dirty. Even in its shortened form, porn is just a word–a word that simply describes something that is demeaning, causes objectification, makes us feel funny, drives the largest slavery operation in the history of the world, and changes the ways we think and act. Porn, simply put, is poison. Read More

  • We're All Broken

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    April 13, 2017

    We all struggle with something. We're all broken. Every Holy Thursday, we see Christ on the Cross. We come face-to-face with our own brokenness, and the way Christ joins us in our pain. He brings light out of darkness, and life out of death. Read More

  • Paschal Greeting


    April 6, 2017

    Translations for the Paschal Greeting - Christ is Risen! - in many languages. Read More

  • Starter Meals for Fasting Seasons

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    March 24, 2017

    Here are some more meal ideas to help carry you through fasting seasons, courtesy of Rita Madden. Read More

  • Nourishing Body and Soul: Tips and Tricks for Meal Planning During a Fast

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    March 24, 2017

    During certain fasting periods and on most Wednesdays and Fridays, the Orthodox Church guides us to abstain from meat, dairy products, oil and wine. Here are a few recipes and menu inspirations that can be adapted as needed according to the Church’s practices and your fasting plan. For a complete fasting calendar, visit goarch.org/chapel. Read More

  • To Eat or Not to Eat? How Is the Question

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    March 24, 2017

    As Orthodox Christians, we have our own private nutrition consultant. The Physician of our souls and bodies inspired the liturgical calendar that outlines our plan for when to fast and when to feast and prescribes for us food to care for both body and soul alike. Read More

  • Days that Remember: Feasts, Memory and Faith

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    March 24, 2017

    Live in the present! It’s a panacea for stress that resounds from virtually all corners of our culture. Yet anyone who has tried to put this advice into practice finds the task all but impossible. Even if we manage to still the distractions of our minds, the present is inconceivably finite, a point recognized long before modernity. Read More

  • Fasting: Is It Really Necessary?

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    March 24, 2017

    Over the years, many people have asked me what the Church’s fasting requirements are during Great Lent. Some questioned the value of this ancient practice, and others looked at it with intimidation as they found themselves unable to keep the fast in its strictest forms. As you can imagine, I have spent countless hours trying to explain the tradition of fasting and convince others of its value, dissuade them from looking at it in a legalistic manner and guide them to a proper view of the fast so that it may bear spiritual fruits in them. Read More

  • Facebook as a Lenten Discipline : An Orthodox Pilot Study

    Department of Religious Education (DRE)

    March 24, 2017

    Over the last few years, clergy and others have begun preaching about restricting one’s use of technology, encouraging a “technology fast” as a Lenten discipline. The goal of fasting and ascetic discipline during Lent is “to make us conscious of our dependence upon God,” as Metropolitan Kallistos Ware writes. Limiting our use of electronic devices to break our dependence on (or even addiction to) technology and focus instead on our interior life, even for a short period, has entered a new awareness within the context of fasting. But are people changing their use of technology in real ways? Is their use of technology affecting the way they observe Great Lent? Read More

  • New Year, New Focus

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    December 29, 2016

    The ways we spend our time and money say a lot about what we actually love. And our actions may reveal we don't love God as much as we'd like to think. Let's take an honest look at our lives so we can make some much-needed changes in the year ahead. Read More

  • You Can't Share What You Don't Have

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    December 12, 2016

    Join Christian this week as he explores the reality that we cannot share a real love for Christ if we don't possess it ourselves. Read More

  • Don't Think About Your Thoughts

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    November 3, 2016

    "Thoughts" are the imaginings and fantasies that can distract us from God. And they can turn into action after they enter our hearts. So how do we deal with the thoughts that bother us? Instead of fighting them, we can turn away from them. Read More

  • Four Ways to Forgive

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    October 6, 2016

    We all know forgiveness is a holy and important thing, yet it's easier said than done. When you're having trouble, here are four things to help soften your heart and open the door to forgiveness. Read More

  • So, What's Your Story?

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    September 22, 2016

    Our lives are chapters in a greater story. What part are you playing: the all-star athlete, the Greek American, the top of your class? What about the disciple of Christ? This week, let's refocus our lives in God's story, the greater story of salvation. Read More

  • Is it Possible to Pray Always?

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    September 15, 2016

    Saint Paul tells us to "pray without ceasing." But is constant prayer even possible? And how should we even start? We'll look at simple ways to build our prayer so that our whole life can become an uninterrupted prayer, a joyful offering of praise to God. Read More

  • Five Ways to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Life

    Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM)

    September 8, 2016

    You probably know what you need to do to grow closer to Christ, but you're having trouble getting started. Here are 5 ways to jumpstart your spiritual life and start connecting with the Lord today! Read More

  • Reflections on John 20:21

    Orthodox Observer

    September 1, 2016

    Are you a good and faithful servant? As Orthodox Christians, we have been given a sacred trust. We have received the treasure of the Gospel – the Good News of Jesus Christ. With this sacred trust comes the great responsibility to share it. Read More