Clergy Family Initiative

Snapshot of a Clergy's Life

Ministry Percentages and Why We Need Mentoring

  • 10% of our Clergy have a second job (makes thriving more difficult)
  • 47% take 2 weeks or less vacation time
  • 63% do not have more than $5k - makes transitions tough when you don’t have money to i.e. transfer - cash to pay for $5k birth of child, etc., transfer from a Parish, etc.
  • 85% save less than 10% of income for retirement and 60% save less than 5% - which makes transition to retirement impossible – a work till you drop scenario.
  • 85% (of an aging population of Clergy) has less than $200k saved for retirement - 70% less than $100k - 52% less than $50k
  • 39% carry student loan debt (lack of younger respondents) - makes transition into ministry/small Parish difficult
  • 36% carry medical debt
  • 65% feel their retirement income will be inadequate


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It is our heartfelt prayer that, as Parish Lay Leaders, you will learn more about the ministry of your Priest, and his personal challenges, and the need to grow as co-workers in sharing the Ministry of Christ.


It has been shown that this program benefits the financial health and well-being of the priest and his family, and by extension, their parishes and parishioners."

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America


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