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Clergy Family Initiative Fact Sheet

  1. Purpose - create, support and affect Archdiocese network for clergy, clergy families, lay leaders and ministry professionals enhance ministerial excellence and a healthy clergy family.
  2. Goal - more comprehensive programs for clergy families, clergy teams, and parish programs.
  3. Provide greater financial knowledge/advocate the best practices for pastoral and lay leaders to continually enhance plan for clergy support in meeting economic challenges.
  4. We want our priests to be uninhibited, to serve Christ more fully, without the distractions of unmerited stress and exhausting financial burdens, to offer your whole self to Christ even more profoundly – for you to be continually growing healthier and stronger spiritually, physically, mentally and financially.
  5. Help our Priests offer whole self to Christ more profoundly; continually grow healthier, stronger spiritually, physically, mentally and financially.
  6. Financial pressures can undermine the effectiveness of Priests.
  7. Grant from the Clergy Family Initiative Program ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.
  8. 81 priests = $800,550.17.
  9. First Grant Program – 60 priests who are with financial debt, 47 given, 13 waived.
  10. Second Grant Program – 77 priests with financial debt, 34 grants awarded, 32 participants still active and 11 have waived the grant.
  11. Total for both programs – 137 priests with financial debt, 81 grants awarded, 32 participants still active, and 24 have waived the grant.
  12. All steady-state by the end of 2022
  13. This program has had a very positive effect on their personal lives, families, marriages, ministry, and communities. They have expressed their deep appreciation for the alleviation of some of their debt. Several have eliminated their debt completely.  The remaining 32 participants continue to find this program to be a significantly productive and meaningful process..

May God continue to bless and safeguard you, your loved ones, your staff, and your sacred ministry!


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We invite you all to view the Clergy Family Initiative video of your particular Metropolis.

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We encourage the beloved Clergy of our Archdiocese to apply for the Clergy Family Initiative Financial Literacy and Grant Program.

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It is our heartfelt prayer that, as Parish Lay Leaders, you will learn more about the ministry of your Priest, and his personal challenges, and the need to grow as co-workers in sharing the Ministry of Christ.

Clergy Initiative - Archbishop Quote

It has been shown that this program benefits the financial health and well-being of the Priest and his family, and by extension, their Parishes and Parishioners."

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America


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