Clergy Family Initiative

Parish Council Nominee Training Video Series

A two-part video series has been produced which highlights and discusses the unique and special calling that is the Holy Priesthood and what it means to his family and each of us as parishioners.

Through valid, personalized, and understandable information offered by experts filmed throughout the country, this educational video series delves into the unique psychological and financial challenges our Clergy and their families face…often in silence.

The responsibility of Parish Council members is illustrated clearly through the recognition and support of the Parish Priest, as well as ensuring that all obligations are met, as set forth by the regulations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Uniform Parish Regulations.

Not all of the information will be specific to your Church Community. You will need to review the material to identify what applies to your individual Parish and with your area’s cost of living. It all begins with the Parish Council.

You can access this two-part informational video series today by logging onto Each Metropolis, as well as the Direct Archdiocesan District, has a personalized message from their Hierarch, to be used at their respective regional meetings and gatherings. The Archbishop and the Metropolitans speak of the importance of having each Parish view this video and address the specific needs and concerns of their community.

Part I of the video is 16:46 in length and Part II is 11:57 in length.


Statistics across all faith-based denominations show that
a happy and healthy Parish Priest equals a happy, healthy and vibrant Church Community.


"Our involvement in the Clergy Initiative and the Dave Ramsey Program has (brought) very positive experiences for our family…The Clergy Initiative has provided the tools and means for us to move toward debt freedom and financial "peace" and flexibility, allowing us to plan and prepare for the future rather than only today, and to provide tools and knowledge for our children and our Parish. This program will change lives, not only today, but for generations."


We invite you all to view the Clergy Family Initiative video of your particular Metropolis.

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We encourage the beloved Clergy of our Archdiocese to apply for the Clergy Family Initiative Financial Literacy and Grant Program.

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It is our heartfelt prayer that, as Parish Lay Leaders, you will learn more about the ministry of your Priest, and his personal challenges, and the need to grow as co-workers in sharing the Ministry of Christ.


It has been shown that this program benefits the financial health and well-being of the priest and his family, and by extension, their parishes and parishioners."

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America


The Clergy Family Initiative Parish Council Training Videos

We invite you to view your Metropolis’ two-part video series with a personal greeting and explanation from your Hierarch. Each Hierarch and our Archbishop speaks of the importance of having each Parish view this video series, and to address the specific needs and concerns of their community.