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New Publication from the Department of Religious Education

Brookline, MA -– The fourth edition of The ARC (Annual Resource Companion) is now available from the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. Each year, the ARC is based on the annual theme of the Department and is dedicated to an esteemed Orthodox educator. The 2001-2002 volume contains 261 pages with 36 insightful essays, and catechetical articles written by Archbishop Demetrios, Archdiocesan Metropolitans, clergy, theologians, and seminarians. The theme of the fourth volume of The ARC is “The Theology and Dogma of the Orthodox Church” and contains articles that focus on general theology, liturgical/sacramental theology, ecclesiology, spirituality/soteriology, education, anthropology/creation and the environment. Based on the same theme, the 2002 Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival Topics, Speaker Tips, and Bibliography are also included! Therefore, the ARC is a wonderful resource for students and teachers preparing for the Oratorical Festival.

The Department of Religious Education is advancing a pedagogical agenda that will assist Orthodox Christians of all ages to better understand the: (a) Liturgical, (b) Scriptural, (c) Theological, (d) Canonical and (e) Ethical underpinnings of the Church. In order to develop such a comprehensive educational vision, The Annual Resource Companion (ARC) was developed in 1998. Each year, another catechetical volume is published by the DRE that focuses on a different aspect of Orthodoxy. As such, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese has been establishing an encyclopedic anthology of Orthodox Catechesis. The following three previously published volumes are: Volume I (1998-1999),“The Liturgical Year”; Volume 2 (1999-2000), “Holy Tradition”; Volume 3 (2000-2001), “The Holy Fathers” and make wonderful companions to this year’s edition.

All the volumes of The ARC can be purchased for $5.00 each (plus S&H) by contacting the DRE at (800) 566-1088.