National Philoptochos Statement Regarding the Saint Basil Academy Advisory Committee

The National Philoptochos expresses gratitude and full support for His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros' initiative to conduct a comprehensive review and reassessment of the Ministry of Saint Basil Academy through the dedicated efforts of the Saint Basil Academy Advisory Committee. The circumstantial decline in the number of children served over the years gave rise to the need to take a fresh look at the activities of Saint Basil Academy. His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros, with paternal love and sensitivity to the current needs of the children under care, convened this committee, and National Philoptochos was consulted prior to its formation. National Philoptochos is actively involved, represented, and is participating fully in the committee's advisory work.

As is well known, National Philoptochos not only owns the property in Garrison, New York, where Saint Basil Academy is located but has also generously contributed in excess of $11 Million over the years to support both the ministry and the property. This includes a monthly contribution of $30,000 for operating expenses. The Saint Basil Ministry has also received direct support from every Metropolis Philoptochos Board, the Archdiocesan District Board as well as all Chapters nationwide. Philoptochos support has been unwavering and consistent for decades.

We look forward to the continued efforts and work of the Saint Basil Academy Advisory Committee.

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