This slideshow gallery features content from PRAXIS Volume 17, Issue 3: Faith and ArtThe full issue content is not currently available online. For information on obtaining back issues or becoming a subscriber, contact the Department of Religious Education by phone at (646) 519–6300 or by email at [email protected].

Slide 1: The finished Byzantine cross placed as the finial atop the completed stasidia.

Slide 2: Three conjoined stasidia with a rotating music stand.

Slide 3: Seraphim carving from boxwood by Jonathan Pageau, inlaid on the backs of the stasidia.

Slide 4: One of two matching icon stands, with turned legs and heavy rail-and-stile construction.

Slide 5: The completed pieces.

Slide 6: In-progress shot of the Byzantine cross in construction.

Slide 7–11: Furniture under construction.

Slide 12: In-progress shot of the seraphim carvings to be inlaid.

Slide 13: Andrew Gould's design drawings.

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