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Interfaith Marriage Web Site Updated

The Interfaith Marriage Research Project web site (http://interfaith.goarch.org) under the direction of Fr. Charles Joanides, Ph.D/LMFT has now been updated.

In addition to the information that has previously been available, visitors pursing the contents on this site can now expect to find new information as well as and enhancements in the upcoming weeks including:

Information from 166 interfaith couples who have participated in 16 focus groups, as well as descriptions and observations from over 150 interfaith couples and stakeholders who have responded to the materials on this site through the feedback forms that are available.

In the near future, a public chat room that will afford registered participants the opportunity to receive answers to any questions related to interfaith marriages and their families.

A public chat room where unregistered visitors can read answers to questions previously asked.

A private chat room that will allow registered participants the opportunity to ask questions of a confidential nature, and receive confidential feedback to these questions.

With God's help, it is hoped that this site will continue to develop and change in an effort to address the needs of this growing population of marriages and families across the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

Readers interacting with the materials will contribute to this process and enrich their own understanding of the lived experiences and challenges that face interfaith couples: to God's glory and our salvation.

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