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Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Decries Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

NEW YORK – In response to the recent anti-Semitic rhetoric that has been unfortunately used publicly by a Hierarch of the Church of Greece, the Holy Archdiocese of America condemns any such language, and expresses its sadness that these hurtful words should have been spoken at all. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America considers the remarks to be gravely offensive and totally unacceptable.

As a leader in Interfaith Dialogue, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese affirms its longstanding and positive relations with the Jewish Community here and abroad, and grieves with them at this incident, which is not expressive of the feelings and attitude of the Greek Orthodox Church in America and worldwide, and the Greek Nation. In this Holy Season that celebrates peace and good will among all peoples, we pray that, with God’s grace and help, mutual respect, understanding and love will prevail.


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Statement of the Greek Government Spokesman:

Government spokesman’s statement regarding statements made by Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim:
“It is not part of the government’s role to judge or comment on clerics.
But the government is obliged to condemn the language of hatred, regardless of who uses it. We are obliged to characterize language denying the holocaust – the greatest crime against humanity – as unacceptable.
These are marginal views. They are an insult to Greece. They are an insult to our culture and our very society, of which the Greek Jewish community is an intrinsic part.
Everyone needs to know that the Greek state and Greek society condemn these statements unequivocally.”

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