"Soak Up the Son" Week Two: The Rod and the Staff

"Soak Up the Son" Week Two: The Rod and the Staff

This week on Soak Up the Son we learn about how the Lord is our shepherd and the significance of the rod and staff! Join us as we walk with God!

What is "Soak Up the Son"?

Soak Up the Son is a summer program designed for individuals, couples, and families alike. This 8 week seasonal series is offered as a reminder “to commit ourselves and one another and our whole lives to Christ our God.”

As you use and enjoy the activities offered in the Soak Up the Son program, we encourage you to share your experiences—with your family at home, your church family, and your friends. Share them with us also at the Center for Family Care by using the hashtag #soakuptheSON. We look forward to connecting with you and learning about your “Son-filled” adventures!

To watch the video and/or download the family journal guide visit: goarch.org/soak-up-the-son-walking-with-god

You can also watch the video on the GOA Center for Family Care Facebook: https://fb.watch/dPiH1OKOgU/

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