Fully Human Podcast Blessed Kevin a Fool for Christ - Part 2

What would our lives look like if we embraced our bodily limitations and understood that they could be offerings to the Lord? Dr. Aaron Haney and Brian Whirledge continue their conversation with Pres. Melanie on such a life - that of their friend Kevin McCarty. At Kevin's funeral, Archbishop Paul of Chicago and the Midwest (OCA) of blessed memory who was then Kevin's father confessor told those present, “In the lives of the Saints, we read about the Fools-for-Christ. God has granted us to know one personally in Kevin.” Listen to hear how Kevin's unique life story is an inspiring witness of what a person can become when they "take up their cross and carry it" with the Lord.

Presvytera Melanie reads portions of the blog entry Blessed Kevin from the Arms Open Wide website throughout this podcast. Visit original blog post here: https://armsopenwide.wordpress.com/2009/10/02/blessed-kevin/

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