Exploring Innovative Teaching Approaches: 3rd Webinar Empowers Greek Language Educators

In the ongoing commitment to enhance the proficiency of educators teaching the Greek Language, the Office of Education within the Holy Archdiocese of America is set to host its 3rd Webinar focused on Innovative Teaching Techniques and Teaching Forms. This insightful session will particularly emphasize the Greek Language and the revered Three Hierarchs.

Event Details: The interactive seminar, featuring active participation from dedicated teachers, is scheduled for a duration of 1:30 hours. Renowned speaker Dr. Angeliki Mastromichalaki will share her expertise in the field.

Date and Time: Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 3:00pm est

Join with zoom Link: https://goarch.zoom.us/j/85014146592?pwd=XGec1RFu7WaO4N8CF2UKOfBOelO9rH.1

Webinar Focus: The primary objective of the seminar is to deepen the understanding of the customs, traditions, and formality embedded within the Orthodox Christian faith. A significant emphasis will be placed on shaping students to not only enjoy learning but also to foster a profound comprehension of history.

Exploration Through the Webinar: The 3rd Webinar aims to encourage teachers to contemplate, explore, and engage in discussions that revolve around the Greek Language. The timeless value of the language, its significance in the global context, and its correlation with the Three Hierarchs will be key focal points. Additionally, the seminar will delve into the personalities of the Three Hierarchs, exploring their profound connection with the Greek Language. Notably, there will be a reference to the celebration held on January 30, honoring the Three Hierarchs and recognizing the invaluable contributions of students, teachers, and schools.

As the Office of Education continues to foster an environment of continuous learning and professional development, this seminar stands as a testament to their dedication to the ongoing enrichment of Greek Language educators.

For further details or inquiries, educators are encouraged to reach out to the Director of the Office of Education Dr. Anastasios Koularmanis [email protected]

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