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March 5

Did you know that the second week of the Triodion is Meatfare Week?

Meatfare Week begins after the Sunday of the Prodigal Son, and is the last week before Pascha we are permitted to eat meat. Wednesday is still a strict fast, and wine and oil are permitted on Friday. This week leads up to Meatfare Sunday, which is also called Judgement Sunday.

Sunday’s Gospel (Matthew 25:31-46) tells of the Second Coming of Christ as King and Judge. When the Son of Man comes in glory at the end of age, He will separate the “sheep” from the “goats” — those who served Him (through serving those in need) on the right and those who did not on the left. The “sheep” will be rewarded with eternal life, and the “goats” with eternal loss.

Meatfare, which in Greek (Απόκρεω) means without meat, is best understood in light of this Gospel. We fast from physical animal meat as a reminder to feast on the spiritual “meat” of doing God’s will. Once, when the Disciples asked Jesus to eat, He said: “I have meat to eat of which you do not know. My meat is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work” (John 4:32, 34 KJV).

The “meat” (food) that we are to offer the hungry of this world goes beyond “meat” (food) for the body, but for the soul. The world is hungry for the truth and love of Christ, who will come again.

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