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Come Receive the Light Schedule of Programs for May 2009

May 8

Guest: Ginny Nieuwsma
Topic: Being a Busy Mom

On this week’s CRTL, Ginny Nieuwsma will have a special Mother’s Day podcast on the joys and the struggles of being a Mom today with a busy schedule. In a short segment, Chuck Powell and Fr. Chris, will talk about mothers.

May 15
Guest: Fr. Steven Bigham
Topic: Name Day of St. Epiphanius
In this week’s CRTL podcast, Fr. Steven Bigham holds a discussion on a great saint of our church, St. Epiphanius. You will be amazed to learn of the work of this dedicated servant of Christ.  Have you ever heard of his first book Anacoratus (The well anchored man) or the Panarion (The Medicine Chest)?  

May 22
Guest: Fr. David Alexander
Topic: Memorial Day
In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, in this CRTL podcast, Fr. David Alexander will be speak. Fr. David is a priest in the Antiochian Archodiocese and is also a chaplain in the United States Navy.

May 29
Guest: TBA
Topic: The Ascension
On this week’s CRTL, there will a guest speaker discussing the Ascension of Jesus Christ.

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