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BeeTreat 2018-19 Season, Successfully Concludes

April 4, 2018

NEW YORKWith a well-attended retreat at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in Bethesda, Maryland, Y2AM (Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministry), has concluded another successful season of “Be the Bee” retreats.

Better known as “BeeTreats,” these events bring together youth (6th-12th grades) and adults for a day full of worship, fellowship, and connection. In all, roughly seven hundred people attended BeeTreats this past season in six cities across the United States: from Rochester, NY to San Diego, Calif.

“Rather than focus on abstract ideas or simple games and activities, BeeTreats help participants build the basic skills needed to be a Christian in the world,” said Steven Christoforou, Director of Y2AM. “We put theology into practice and teach people of all ages how they can open their hearts to God and neighbor.”

Feedback continues to be incredibly positive. Lydia, a youth worker and Church school teacher, praised BeeTreats for “how [they] change your perspective about ministry. It's not a ‘how-to’ with tricks, ploys or entertainment. It is about lived, relevant experience.” Elizabeth, a sixteen-year-old student, expressed gratitude for “the practicality” of BeeTreats, which offer a “safe space” in which to seek Christ. And Salome, a thirteen-year-old student, wrote: “Thank you SO much for being so kind and accepting and making us feel comfortable, like your equals, and not condescending to us.”

Mr. Christoforou was quick to thank Leadership 100 for the funding that makes BeeTreats possible. “We wouldn’t be able to run this life-changing ministry without the generous support of Leadership 100. And we’re proud to be careful stewards of these funds; despite being a full day event, each BeeTreat costs less than $20 per participant. This careful budgeting ensures that we’re able to reach many hundreds of people every year on a relatively small grant.”

For more information, please visit y2am.org/BeeTreats.

To schedule a BeeTreat in your community, please contact the Y2AM at 646.519.6780 or by email at [email protected].


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