Archdiocese Extends Gratitude to George Likourezos for Pro Bono Intellectual Property Services

In a remarkable display of generosity, George Likourezos, a partner at the renowned intellectual property boutique firm Carter Deluca, has been instrumental in providing pro bono legal services to safeguard the intellectual property rights of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The Archdiocese expresses its heartfelt appreciation for the dedication and expertise of Mr. Likourezos and the entire Carter Deluca team in leading the Archdiocese through the intricate realms of trademark and copyright law.

The Archdiocese acknowledges the critical importance of protecting its intellectual property, which plays a pivotal role in sustaining its mission and values. "We are profoundly grateful to George Likourezos and the entire Carter Deluca law firm for the selfless dedication to preserving our intellectual property rights," stated George A. Tsougarakis, General Counsel of the Archdiocese. “In addition, Mr. Likourezos serves on the Archdiocesan Legal Committee, chaired by Judge Paul Lillios, where he and a number of other dedicated and talented individuals who routinely provide counsel, guidance and pro bono legal services to the Archdiocese.”

Mr. Likourezos responded by stating, “I appreciate giving back to the Greek Orthodox community and assisting the Archdiocese protect its intellectual property and serving on the Archdiocesan Legal Committee. It has been very fulfilling to use my expertise in a way that will benefit the Archdiocese. I was excited when we received the trademark registration for the Archdiocese’s logo and name, especially while it is celebrating its centennial year. We are expecting many additional trademarks of the Archdiocese to be registered by the US Patent and Trademark Office soon.

The Archdiocese is fortunate to be able to partner with such a talented and experience professional. With over two decades of experience, Mr. Likourezos has developed a practice that spans the full spectrum of intellectual property law. He has counseled numerous sophisticated clients on IP issues including inventors, universities, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Likourezos has also offered pro bono services to copyrights texts and books.

This collaborative effort between the Archdiocese and Mr. Likourezos exemplifies the positive impact that pro bono services can have on the Archdiocese. As the Archdiocese continues its important work, it does so with the assurance that its intellectual property is in capable and dedicated hands, thanks to the commendable efforts of George Likourezos and the legal team at Carter Deluca.

Photo: Carter Deluca

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