Archbishop Welcomes Prefect of Western Macedonia, Delegation from Prefecture of Epirus to GOARCH

Prefect of Western Macedonia Mr. Georgios Kasapidis with His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America.
© Photo Credits: GOARCH

Archbishop Welcomes Prefect of Western Macedonia, Delegation from Prefecture of Epirus to GOARCH

On Thursday, November 17, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros welcomed Mr. Georgios Kasapidis, Prefect of Western Macedonia, and Mr. S. Kellidis, Councilor of the region, to the Archdiocese.

His Eminence later met with Mr. Paul Kotrotsios, Founder and President of Hermes Expo, and a delegation from the Prefecture of Epirus, Greece, which participated in the 31st Hermes Expo earlier this week and which comprised Mr. Vasilis Gorgolis and Mr. Odysseas Potsis, Deputy Regional Governors; Mr. Vasilis Kaloudis and Mr. Haris Liouris, Regional Councilors; Ms. Ioulia Markoula, Director of Tourism and Ms. Sophia Fouki, Manager of Tourism; and Mr. Pantelis Kolokas, President of PEAKI, the PanEpirotan National Athletic Center.

Representatives from the Chamber of Commerce of Ioannina also attended, including President Dr. Dimitrios Demetriou, General Secretary Basilios Vasiliou, Director Mr. Ioannis Daskalopoulos, and Members Mr. Mihail Dekos and Mr. Nikolaos Tsakanikas.

Delegates from Prefecture of Epirus and Chamber of Commerce of Ioannina, with Mr. Paul Kotrotsios. 

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