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Archbishop Demetrios Offered Benediction at Presidential Inaugural Luncheon

WASHINGTON – The 57th Inaugural Ceremonies for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden was also a special occasion of honor and recognition for His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios and the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

Archbishop Demetrios attended the swearing-in ceremony and the President’s Inaugural Address today, Jan. 21, from the presidential platform, just a few feet away from the podium. Immediately following the official ceremonies, His Eminence attended the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Luncheon and offered the benediction following the President’s toast. The event was carried nationally and internationally by many broadcasts and networks.

The text of the Archbishop’s prayer is as follows:

Let us pray as we prepare to go forth in peace, confident in America’s bright future.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

O God of all, we give thanks to You and praise You on this day, as did our first President on the day of his inauguration, for we too “resort once more to the benign Parent of the Human Race in humble supplication.” We bless and praise Your Holy Name for Your gracious favor and divine blessing upon these United States of America, our President Barack Obama, and Vice-President Joseph Biden, as they commence the second term of their sacred responsibilities in the highest Office of our Country. Bless, preserve, and keep them and their families safe and healthy, together with all who serve our Nation, especially the Congress, the Judiciary, and the Armed Forces here and everywhere who heroically and sacrificially defend our pursuits of life, liberty and happiness. Heavenly, Father, may we ever abide in this land of opportunity and freedom in “perfect tranquility,” faithful to our foundations, and ever building a more prosperous, just, equitable, and decent society for all our citizens. And may we always share our faith and hope for the future with the whole world, through Your Divine and gracious love. Amen.

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