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The Greek Letters are what distinguishes us from others. They offer to us respectability because the Greek Letters have preceded us whenever we have ventured. They have been included in subject classes of foreign schools, they have inspired non-Greeks to adopt Greek names and they have inundated many a foreign language with their linguistic technical rules to the extent that today the Greek language has become the language of the scientist and science and of academicians around the world. 

Archbishop Iakovos January 28, 1961

About Us

The Department of Greek Education provides competent leadership and effective resources for the elementary, secondary, and afternoon school programs of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The Department of Greek Education assists parishes in establishing and sustaining a Greek studies program that includes the teaching of the Modern Greek language, Greek history, Greek culture, as well as Greek Orthodox faith. This office works directly with principals and/or clergy to strengthen Greek Orthodox identity, curriculum and assessment, accreditation, personnel, and administrative/ teacher professional development in their schools.

Our philosophy

The Office of the Director of Greek Education is committed to the promotion, preservation, and growth of all Greek Schools in the Archdiocese. It strives for the development of programs of educational excellence that preserve and promote the Faith, language, and culture.



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