Silouan of Athos

September 24

Apolytikion of Silouan of Athos

Third Tone

Having knowledge of the Holy Spirit, * thou didst share in Adam's lamentation * and didst yearn after Christ most insatiably. * By firmly staying thy mind in the depths of hell, * thou didst become a true bearer of love for man. * Intercede with Christ, O Venerable Father Silouan, * that His great mercy may be granted unto us.

Kontakion of Silouan of Athos

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

During thy life on earth thou didst serve Christ, following His path, and now in Heaven thou dost contemplate Him Whom thou hast loved; dwelling with Him as He promised to His elect, O Holy Father Silouan, instruct us in the way that thou hast gone.

Blessed Feast Day

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