Melania the Younger, Nun of Rome


Saint Melania the Younger, who was born in 388, was the grand-daughter of Saint Melania the Elder (see June 8). Her father Publicola was an Eparch of Rome. She was joined in wedlock to a husband and became the mother of two children, both of which she lost shortly thereafter. Thus, having agreed with her husband to pass the rest of their lives in abstinence and chastity, and taking her mother Albina with her, she went off to Africa. They ransomed 8,000 captives; furthermore, they built two monasteries - one for men and one for women - in the city of Tagaste, which was in the district of Tunis. After seven years they moved to Jerusalem. Thereafter Melania shut herself up in a small and narrow hermitage by the Mount of Olives, and wearing away her body with fasting and vigil, she reposed in 434.

Because of the Apodosis of the Feast of the Nativity on the 31st of this month, the hymns of Saint Melania the Younger are transferred to December 30th along with the Martyr Anysia.

Kontakion of Righteous Melania

Fourth Tone

Being illumined in thy soul with the bright rays * of Him that shone forth unto us from a Virgin, * with virtues wast thou brilliant, O all-lauded one; * for having dispersed on earth * thy corruptible riches, * thou didst store up for thyself * greater riches in Heaven; * and in ascetic labours thou didst shine; * hence, O Melania, with longing we honour thee.

Blessed Feast Day

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