Speakers and Presentations

2022 National Clergy Couple Retreat

"Marriage and Ministry: A Seamless Embrace"

October 3-6, 2022

Hyatt Lodge • Oakbrook, IL


Our presenters include Fr. Harry and Kerry Pappas, Dr. George Stavros, Fr. Jerry & Helene Hall, and Fr. Timothy Pavlatos, who will all share from their areas of expertise and experience and then offer discussion questions and exercises for us all to consider privately with our spouses, followed by small group discussions with other couples on the connection of the topics with ministry.

  • Dr. George Stavros: Personal and Vicarious Trauma
  • Fr. Jerry and Helene Hall: Intimacy in Marriage
  • Fr. Timothy Pavlatos: Communication and Conflict
  • Fr. Harry and Kerry Pappas: Gratitude and Forgiveness
  • Fr. Jim and Donna Pappas: Evening Activities 

Speakers and Presenters for the Clergy Couples Retreat

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