In response to the charge from His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios and the Holy Eparchial Synod, the National Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries has created the Youth Protection Manual for Metropolis/Direct Archdiocesan District Camps and Retreats (YPM). The YPM is designed to guide clergy and laity charged with the task of selecting, training, and supervising those who work with young people at camps and retreats. A Camp/Retreat is defined as any Metropolis/Direct Archdiocesan District sponsored youth event or activity (i.e. Basketball Tournament, Cultural Festivals, etc.) This manual has been created with the assistance of Praesidium Inc., a risk management organization that specializes in training and prevention. It consists of policies and procedures for the protection of children and youth participating in camps and retreats of our Archdiocese. Beginning in 2009, each Camp/Metropolis retreat of our Archdiocese is mandated to utilize the YPM within their program. 

Download the Youth Protection Manual here.