Hagia Sophia Children’s Book Published by Department of Greek Education

Hagia Sophia Children’s Book Published by Department of Greek Education

The Department of Greek Education is proud to announce the release of a new children’s book titled “The Big Secret” written by Ms. Maria Brastianou and illustrated by Mr. Christos Gousidis. This project was made possible by the generous grant the Department of Greek Education received from Leadership 100.

Fr. Gregory Stamkopoulos and Mr. Anastasios Koularmanis of from the Department of Greek Education spearheaded this project. We believe that the knowledge of history enables us all to respect and appreciate everything important and valuable that we have inherited from our ancestors. This knowledge is the greatest gift that we can give to the younger generations. If we can help children appreciate the level of importance behind this knowledge then they can become successors of the greatness they inherit.

“The Great Secret” is a about a kitten named Little Tin, a worthy successor of the imperial cats of Hagia Sophia. With the help of his aunt Little Tin learns the history of this magnificent temple, its great significance, its course through the centuries and the pain it carries. Through out the story Little Tin wanders through historical paths of Constantinople and learns about the emperors who once lived there. Little Tin is especially interested to learn about the Emperor Justinian, his namesake, who rebuilt Hagia Sofia and gave it the glory and majesty of which the whole world speaks of to this day.

Little Tin takes us through the history of Hagia Sophia and encounters many dangerous obstacles along the way. The book was written for children of all ages who want to learn about Hagia Sophia and what better way than through the eyes of an adorable little kitten.

“The Great Mystery” is a dedication to Hagia Sophia. The book is great a way for us to help keep alive the memory and history of this glorious church which embodies our history and most importantly our faith.

The book is currently only available in Greek. We are diligently working to publish the book in an English version as well. A FREE pdf version will soon be available on our website. For more information please contact Mr. Anastasios Koularmanis the Department Director at [email protected]


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