St. George Church Holds Annual Fundraiser

St. George Church Holds Annual Fundraiser

St. George Church in Piscataway, New Jersey will hold their annual Taverna Night on December 3, 2022 to raise funds for charity.

St. George’s famous Taverna Night was inspired by the life of parishioner Georgie Exarchakis and his parents, Jim and Sophie. Twenty years ago, when he was just five years old, Georgie began receiving medical care for a cleft lip— but he did not understand why other children with similar condition did not receive treatment, as well. When Sophie began researching ways to help other children like Georgie, the family learned about Smile Train, which offers financial assistance to young patients who require corrective surgery for cleft lips and palates.

Twenty years ago, the Exarchakis family and then-Proistamenos Fr. John Theodosian organized the first Taverna Night at St. George Church and has, since then, raised more than $225,000 for various charities, with the more local aim of raising awareness of a medical condition with which a member of the the parish lives. With the support of a community, no one has to go through their journey alone. This year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Taverna Night, all funds raised are designated for donation to Smile Train.

If you would like more information, or tickets please contact Sophie Exarchakis at 908-705-5333.

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