The National Forum Announces its Spring 2021 Curriculum

The National Forum Announces its Spring 2021 Curriculum

Liturgical Music Instructional Programs

Spring 2021 Curriculum Guide

The following are online church music instructional programs available this spring. The programs are offered by the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians and co-sponsored by various Metropolis Church Music Federations


A Virtual Choir Retreat (January-February 2021)

This Virtual Choir Retreat is conducted by Dr. Ann Marie Koukios as guest instructor. She will use selected repertoire to help develop vocal and ensemble skills. Repertoire to be studied includes music arrangements of the Orthodox tradition, both new and well-known, in English and Greek, as well as other material. Co-sponsored with the Mid-Eastern and Eastern Church Music Federations.

Time: Four Sundays from 3:00 – 4:30 pm EST

Fee” $20; $50 to participate in the Virtual Choir

Register at:

  • January 17th:   “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” by Peter Lutkin
  • January 24th:   “O Angelos Evoa/The Angel Cried” by George Raptis
  • January 31st:   “Praise the Lord/Enite ton Kyrion” by Anna Gallos
  • February 7th:   Doxology Excerpts and “The Women Disciples” by Nicholas Bodle


Coming Back Strong in Voice and Spirit (February-March 2021)

This Virtual Church Music Institute offers an all-new series of six weekly one-hour webinars led by Christopher Kypros. He will focus on developing participants’ vocal and spiritual strength as they sing his own Great Doxology and various composers’ beloved hymns of the Lenten season. Ryan Kiel will teach exercises for vocal readiness and Miriam Kotsonis will provide brief commentaries. Sheet music and SATB/sectional recordings are included to support distance learning. Co-sponsored with the Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians.

Time: Tuesdays from 7:30 – 8:30 pm EST

Fee: $20


  • February 16th  Great Doxology (1-5) and “Tin Oreótita” (Anastassiou)
  • February 23rd  Great Doxology (6) and “Soma Christoú” (Zes)
  • March 2nd       Great Doxology (7-9) and “Ote Katiíthes” (Kypros)
  • March 9th        Great Doxology (10-15) and “Esimióthi Ef’Imas” (Kypros)
  • March 16th      Great Doxology (16-20) and “Soson Kýrie” (Desby)
  • March 23rd      Great Doxology and “Ti Ipermáho” (Gallos) 


Sharing in Song – Series 2 (May–June 2021)

This Virtual Church Music Institute consists of a series of six hour-long workshops where various clergy and directors will share signature hymns of the Paschal and Post-Paschal season. Clergy will provide theological and ecclesiastical information about the hymn and then the musical focus will provide practical suggestions for directing and singing the hymns meaningfully and effectively. Co-sponsored with the Mid-Eastern Church Music Federation.

Time: Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Fee: None

Register at: (Meeting ID: 836 8534 7710)

  • May 4th:   Liturgical Changes for “Ο Αγγελος Εβοα/The Angel cried out”  
  • May 11th: Communion Hymn for “Ascension - Ανεβη ο Θεος/God is gone up”
  • May 18th: Communion Hymn for Saturday of the Souls - “Μακαριοι ους εξελεξω/Blessed are the chosen”
  • May 25th: Communion Hymn for Pentecost - “Το Πνευμα σου/Your good spirit will lead”
  • June 1st: Communion Hymn for Monday of the Holy Spirit - “Αγγαλλιασθε, δικαιοι/Rejoice, O you righteous”

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