• An explanation of the Orthodox Church can be found here.
  • "The Orthodox Church" by Bishop Kallistos Ware is available as La Iglesia Ortodoxa

Over forty years ago, Timothy Ware (now Bishop Kallistos Ware) wrote what has become the standard introduction to Orthodox Christianity, The Orthodox Church. Now for the first time, the classic text will be published in Spanish as La Iglesia Ortodoxa by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Buenos Aires and South America with permission of Penguin Books, London.

In this influential text, Bishop Kallistos explains the Orthodox Christian views on such divergent topics as Ecumenical Councils, Sacraments, Free Will, Purgatory, The Papacy, and the relation between the various Orthodox Churches.

  • The Greek/Spanish Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom - La Divina Liturgia De San Juan Crisostomo

This pocket-size volume is available for $12 per copy from the Metropolis of Panama. Contact Padre Jose (Fr. Joseph) at [email protected] . A Limited number of copies are available from the Department of Outreach & Evangelism.

  • Trilingual (Greek-English-Spanish) Homily of Saint John Chrysostom (Adobe PDF)
  • Additional Spanish Language Resources may be found on the website of Saint George Orthodox Church (OCA) of Houston.