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You are probably reading this from home, in response to being asked to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Schools are cancelled or are taking place on a remote platform, jobs have gone remote, and people are being asked to leave the house as rarely as possible. Your parish has also asked you to stay at home, attend services on-line. The Archdiocese has been working hard to develop ways for normal parish ministries to be brought into the home. Instead of just hitting “play” on a video to “teach” children, take this opportunity to dig into the teachings of the Church together so that they work on their Lenten journey as one. The weekly lessons have sections for various ages, but if you do not have time to work with each age group, try to at least utilize the “Family” section. You or your parish might want to organize small online groups with your church family to go beyond your “church in the home,” to a larger virtual experience of community too.

Every Saturday we will be uploading a new page with educational ideas to achieve at home:

Holy Week and Pascha 2020: At-Home Resources

To assist the Orthodox faithful at home during this unprecedented time, the Archdiocesan Center for Family Care, Department of Religious Education, and Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM) have collaborated to develop and share new resources to keep the faithful engaged during Holy Week and Pascha.

In partnership with the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), Youth Equipped to Serve (YES), and other ministry leaders, the Departments have jointly prepared a Holy Week 2020 “landing page.”  From there, you can access digital resources and opportunities from us and many others.

The landing page can be accessed at

4 Tips for a Great Holy Week

The directors of the Center for Family Care, Department of Religious Education, and Y2AM collaborated on a short video to share four simple tips for young people and their families as we prepare for Holy Week. This video is also available at

For more resources available from our department, explore this page and

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You can also find additional articles, videos and other resources related to Lent and Holy Week at