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How can laity become more welcoming? Recognize that the priesthood can be very lonely and unhealthy if the Priest and Presvytera are not allowed friendships. One reason priest and family keep a distance in the parish is because if they are seen to be closer to one or two families there is a fear that others may begin to cry ‘favoritism.’ Another isolating factor results from treating the Priest as “an employee” who will be ‘moving on’ sooner or later and ‘may not work out’ therefore why bother developing a relationship with him which is a common attitude. Laity can ask ourselves if we are willing to really know our priest or if we prefer to keep a distance of disingenuine piety that bows to the priest in church while relegating him to the periphery in daily affairs, suggesting a hypocrisy and compartmentalization in our own lives. Read full article here:

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