National President Maria Logus, Esq. Addresses the 2020 Convention

#PhiloptochosGetsItDone - National President Maria Logus, Addresses the 2020 Convention 

"We must pray that we will find the strength and the resources within ourselves to adapt to tomorrow’s demands, just as we have through decades and decades of service to the church and the world.  And we must do one more thing – we must promise to never again apologize for Philoptochos, never apologize for another luncheon, never apologize for another raffle -  or bake sale -  or dinner -  or whatever it takes for us to help those in need.   Philoptochos should make each of us proud and if the worst thing someone can say is that we are tireless fund raisers and do-gooders – so be it – we are just that and we should proclaim it joyfully.

I thank you all, I urge each of you to dream bigger and bigger, and look forward to all of our tomorrows with great hope and optimism." 

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